Forging hammer 1400

Forging Hammer, 1400 gram. The short, compact hammer allows you to forge ergonomically and efficiently. Hammerhead made out of ideal axel-steel, hardened and tempered. Ash handle wich is superficially burned to improve your grip.



Forging hammer.

Hand forged


1400 gram
Flat surface, for flattening and a peen, for forging out.

Axel steel

30 cm. Relativly short handle, to provide better forging abilities (although opinions may vary, for me, longer handles are a torture)
Ergonomically shaped; Minimum difference in diameter over the total length of the handle, except the thickening at the bottom, to prevent the hammer slipping out of your hands. If you want to use a forging hammer the right way the handle should provide you good grip on every spot of the handle. Hard blows, hold the hammer at the bottom of the handle, soft blows, move your hand upwards the hammerhead. Therefor it’s important the diameter of the handle isn’t changing too much. It’s all about providing the same grip on every spot of the handle. Superficially burned for better grip. Waxed and treated with oil for longer lifespan. Secured with a wooden wedge plus a steel tunnel wedge.

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