Ötzi Damascus


Short knife, inspired on the knife of the Bronze Age glacier-mummy Ötzi. His knife was a flint knife with a wooden handle, secured with leather straps.

This interpretation of the Ötzi-knife is made from 70-layered damascus steel, shaped like a flint knife. The handle is stabilized birch-burl with the bark at the end of the handle. By stabilizing, even this bark gets very hard and solid. The leather straps give a sturdy and comfortable grip on the handle. The hand-stitched scabbard can be carried on the belt




Hidden-tang knife based on the famous knife of the glacier-mummy ‘Ötzi’. He carried a knife made of flint, wood and leather straps. Even a sheath made from bark was found. This interpretation is a hidden-tang knife with the appearance of a flint-knife in its damascus steel blade.

The blade is made of an O2-steel core with on both sides 35 layers of O2- and L6 steel.

The handle is made from a piece of birch-burl, with at the end still the thick layer of bark. This wood is stabilized, to enhance the lifespan of the handle. The wood, including the bark, is as hard as a rock. To give a more comfortable and sturdy grip, leather straps are secured around the wood.

The sheath is made from vegetable-tanned cow-leather, 3 mm thick. A leather strap is attached to carry the knife on your belt. Died with dark-brown oil-dye.

Total size: 19,5 cm
Length blade: 8,5 -9,5 cm
Width blade: 2,8-3,2 cm
Thickness blade: 0,4 cm
Length handle: 10-11 cm
Type of steel; 1.2842 (O2-steel) and L6-steel (1.2767)
Hardness; 59-60 HRC
Type of wood of the handle: Stabilized birch-burl
Sharpened: yes
Sheath: Vegetable tanned leather, hand-stitched. Dark brown dyed.
Weight knife: 265 gram
Weight sheath: 68 gram

* All the products of Black Oak Forge are completely handmade and thereby unique. Efforts will be made to stay as close to the measurements of the example. Nevertheless, small differences can occur in these measurements.





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